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CLM life Brake

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  • Materialelastomer
  • Size15 * 14 * 21 cm
  • Weight248 g
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  • Unit Price 39000 KRW
    (33.0 USD)
  • Minimum Order Quantity 1000 Pieces
  • Shipping CompanyDHL
  • Product TypeDox
  • Payment Card
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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information


CLM Life Brake system


Life brake is the world-first device to prevent things from being jammed under brake pedal such as canned beverages, mineral water bottles and shoes.

Life brake will be Preventing safety accident that can be caused by the existing car mat being pushed back.


How to use

       This Life Brake is easily attached under your brake pedal.

       When you attached Life Brake under your brake pedal then your brake will be work at right time.

       Whatever your car mat and brake pedal the Life Brake can be use



       Main body : Elastomer  as like a silicon this is a same material  Between car body and door silicon

       Two wings : Aluminum

       Fixed part : Velcro system

* Elastomer is not transformed and semi-permanent

* Velcro system is easily use for everyone.


test result

       Elastomer is not transformed and semi-permanent.

       Taxi driver use a brakes less than 500 times per day.

       If  taxi driver driving same car 10 years every day that means 10year* 365day* 500times totally 1,825,000times.

       We are testing over 2,000,000times but Life Brake same as first. Didnt transformed.

Two kind of products are here.

1. E- type : easily use for all kind of car.

   install for your car easily because it can be adjusted your car brake pedal.


2. R-type : this R-type suitable for special car like a truck. This type can not be adjusted. 


We selling only E-type.


Product Detail Image

CLM life Brake

CLM life Brake

CLM life Brake

CLM life Brake

CLM life Brake

CLM life Brake

CLM life Brake